Press Release at the European Summit for Digital Innovation for Active & Healthy Ageing in Brussels

Announcement of universAAL IoT

Following many years and iterations as academic led R&I projects [1], The universAAL IoT Coalition (uIC) is about to be launched as a public facing international association under Belgian Law in order to bridge the open source community [2] of universAAL to the market [3].

universAAL IoT (www.universaal.info) is an open source platform that enables seamless interoperability of devices, services and applications on an unprecedented scale. It provides the framework for communication, connectivity and compatibility between otherwise disparate products and services. By empowering semantic interoperability in practice, enabling rapid integration and deployment of innovative IoT solutions across domains, vendors, devices, locations, and deployment strategies, universAAL is the catalyst for a truly customised lifestyle experience.

With the vision to liberate the Internet of Things, universAAL IoT is being positioned as a not for profit 'system of systems', enabling interoperability across otherwise disparate platforms and devices. universAAL IoT will not compete with other open innovation and/or open source frameworks; it will serve as the glue that binds them together.

universAAL IoT follows a mid-term path-to-market within three years that aims at developer-friendliness, establishment of a certification program, and organization of open innovation competitions. The uIC will accelerate this path-to-market by raising funds and in a synergistic collaboration with the open source community and the players of the universAAL IoT ecosystem that are contributing to this roadmap within a set of EU granted R&I projects, such as InLife, City4Age, ACCRA, ACTIVAGE and Plan4Act.

[1] Two successive R&D projects, PERSONA (2007-2010) & universAAL (2010-2013), and an innovation project, ReAAL (2013-2016), that brought the evidence of applicability in real life.

[2] Main actors from the European public sector: www.igd.fraunhofer.de, www.sabien.upv.es, www.lst.tfo.upm.es, and www.isti.cnr.it.

[3] Thanks to www.creativeskillsforlife.com as the main business strategist and the Common Exploitation Booster services of the EC for the business plan development (through www.meta-group.com), and with the help of some of the actors in the emerging universAAL IoT ecosystem, such as www.trialog.com, www.smart-homes.nl, www.woquaz.de, www.demokritos.gr, app.terceraedadactiva.com, www.virtech.it, www.syndesis.eu, www.medicinemen.eu, www.setcce.si, and www.uri-soca.si.


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