An open source platform that enables rapid development of innovative IoT solutions.

universAAL IoT is the open source platform that enables interoperability and rapid development of innovative IoT solutions. It empowers consumers to create a fully customised experience and lifestyle, accelerating and growing the potential for interconnectivity. If you could create and connect anything within the IoT sphere, what would you choose and why? With universAAL, you have the vehicle with which to develop new product and service solutions that have the capability to resonate on a global scale.
The rapid evolution of universAAL IoT ensures that new features and applications are regularly added to integrated systems, bringing endless possibilities to our middleware platform. Intelligent products and services are able to instantly interact, founding infinite possibilities for the Internet of Things. With users able to effortlessly share valuable data between devices and systems, there is the flexibility and versatility to build a completely unique lifestyle environment. Interoperability is now a possibility.

Communal Collaboration

With universAAL IoT, all compatible products, services and devices, no matter the brand, can connect and collaborate to the benefit of the user. It means that every product bearing the universAAL crest is configured to communicate, performing services and enabling features that could not have been achieved in isolation.

Smart Living Environments

universAAL IoT is a living system, one that will evolve with each application that is developed. It is the platform through which wearables, home automation and any future Internet of Things enabled product or service can combine, and the solution to introducing interoperability to people's lives.

Rapid Development

By liberating the Internet of Things, universAAL will accelerate the development of innovative product and service solutions. This liberation can empower citizens to become co-creators and managers of their lives and environments

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