The universAAL IoT platform will be the catalyst for consumer choice, as service providers across diverse product development sectors are given the ability to interconnect. Without the sharing of knowledge, technology fails to evolve, which is why universAAL breeds alliances.
The ability for devices, services and applications to be configured to communicate on a global scale will dawn a new age of supplier collaboration. One that will enable providers of all sizes equal opportunity in a rapidly developing marketplace.

Collaboration is the only way to progress

The universAAL marketplace will allow your developers to find existing products for you to integrate. By reusing applications and components, an ecosystem can be established, one that enables every member to gain equally from the rapid solutions developed. This growing exchange of information will bring greater functionality to consumers, and give providers a seamless pathway into interoperability.

How does universAAL actually work?

universAAL IoT is a software platform for the integration of open distributed systems of systems. It provides runtime support for distributed service-oriented environments, in which components will provide and consume services by sharing compatible models (ontologies). It is the opportunity for you to empower your customers, through the creation of advanced, intelligent products that are at the forefront of modern technology.

Instant compatibility

New services and features appear as if by magic, as systems automatically find and communicate with one another. As the community grows, so will the library of applications, all of which will be available automatically to users with universAAL IoT enabled products

Highly Secure

Grouped authorized universAAL nodes exchange messages encrypted by the group's shared key. Permissions can be defined for each message type. Communication with the world outside the group can be secured using the standard public key infrastructure.

Open Source

universAAL IoT is an inclusive platform available to all. It is a living system, and as such, will evolve with each application that is developed. Through the growth of a development and distribution community, universAAL IoT offers infinite possibilities.

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