A fundamental and positive shift in programming

universAAL IoT is the layer in distributed systems that provides for integration and makes communication possible. It is the software solution to the hardware phenomenon of the Internet of Things, allowing systems and devices to seamlessly share valuable information and functionality. As open source middleware, it can be integrated into any product, service or device, regardless of brand engineering.

When imbedded with universAAL, components will communicate automatically, exchanging data that can be effortlessly processed and reacted to. universAAL IoT introduces a fundamental and positive shift in programming. Thanks to semantic interoperability, a new era of open distributed systems of systems has been developed. One where you can create dynamic constellations of arbitrary components and build your own system of systems without the worry of integration.

Unlimited possibility and endless opportunities

The interoperability of the universAAL IoT platform frees you to be creative with connections. As a developer, the expansion of innovative applications and features will enable you to use your ingenuity and develop solutions to the sharing of data and functionality of systems. The universAAL marketplace allows for the reuse and reimagining of products, leading to rapid development and consistent progression.

The immediate interconnection of systems

universAAL IoT minimises integration in development and deployment, reducing overheads and abating complexity. It is the platform that will revolutionise the concept of the app, connecting disparate devices in a way previously un-thought of. As the open source distributed and semantic operating system, it presents the possibility of a competitive consumer marketplace.

With universAAL IoT, the applications or services you develop will gain interoperability in different dimensions:


Enable your solution to communicate with others in a semantic way. By using ontologies, you can define what your solution does, and what you want from the systems you communicate with.


Make your solution independent from device technologies. With universAAL IoT exporters, you can plug seamlessly into multiple sensor and actuator technologies, including ZigBee, ZWave, EnOcean, KNX and OpenHAB.


The universAAL open platform is compatible with numerous deployment architectures, and is able to run across multiple environments. Use the Java version on OSGi, and embed on everything from a PC to Raspberry Pi. Alternatively, use it as an app on Android, or simply access it as a RESTful API. Whatever you decide, communication is assured.

Be creative, be visionary and above all, be ahead of the game by utilising universAAL.


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