Programming with universAAL

universAAL is a software platform for the integration of open distributed systems of systems. It provides runtime support for distributed service-oriented environments in which components can provide and consume services by sharing compatible models (ontologies).

  • Communication participants do not need to access each other and hence do not need to know the addresses of the other participants.
  • Therefore, they do not need to know if the other participants run in the same runtime environment locally or in another, possibly heterogeneous / remote, runtime environment.
  • Most importantly, they even do not need to know the programming interface of the other participants because the universAAL middleware takes over the overhead of calling the needed functions.
universAAL introduces a shift of paradigm in programming, and hence for sure programming with it becomes a special experience, presumably a positive one, because we are sure that you will recognize the pattern and will get faster and faster with it. The promise is that thanks to semantic interoperability, you get ready for the new era of open distributed systems of systems where you can create dynamic constellations of arbitrary components to build your own system of systems without worrying much about the integration overhead.

How does this 'shift of paradigm' look like?
Well, you still use a set of data structures (interfaces, classes and objects) in the context of an API; but

  1. you need only this one API for both providing and utilizing arbitrary capabilities in your system of systems, and
  2. when developing, you describe capabilities and formulate requests semantically, as if you are talking to the runtime environment of your component.
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