First universAAL open webinar for developers

Wednesday, November 29, 11:30 to 14:30 CET

UPM LST, from Madrid, is driving the first universAAL IoT webinar for developers. The event will start on Wednesday, November 29, at 11:30 CET and will take three hours. It will be broadcast through the universAAL IoT Youtube Channel and recorded there for later access. Here is the link to this event:

The webinar targets developers who are interested in starting to use universAAL and will cover the following topics:

  1. Ontologies: understanding them and get to know the related Semantic Web technologies (RDF, RDFS, OWL & SPARQL)  as the standard formalism used in universAAL programming to express data and meaning
  2. universAAL IoT general architecture: core concepts, the brokerage system, and components helping in the development of IoT applications
  3. universAAL IoT coding: a showcase of the workflow for developing and running applications, as well as simple examples for interfacing with the context and service buses

In the practical part of the webinar – the third bullet above – you are invited to try on your own computer all the steps demonstrated and have an immediate interaction with the instructor based on that. The prerequisite is the preparation of the development environment on own computer prior to the start of the webinar, following these steps:

  • install the latest stable Oracle Java Development Kit (JDk8)
  • install the latest stable Eclipse IDE (Oxygen with Oomph installer)
  • Install a Git client (the original command-line based and / or a graphical one)

When installing Eclipse Oxsygen provided by Oomph, please make sure to select the IDE for Java Developers and configure the VM to use the installed JDK:

The webinar is one of the first activities of The universAAL IoT Coalition, which has been launched recently with the mission to promote, empower and sustain the growth of the universAAL IoT open innovation ecosystem. And, in the light of this mission, what is more eficient than an interactive webinar for engaging with developers? Using the experience from this webinar and the feedback from its participants, we will organize further webinars, online meetups, coding jams, or other events in future in order to further the reach of the universAAL IoT community.

The webinar will use the Youtube Live feature, where questions can be posted through the chat tool. So, ensure using this feature for typing your questions there and attracting the attention of the presenter to your important questions. 

The webinar will be delivered by Alejandro Medrano Gil, one of the core developers of universAAL IoT. 


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